woman standing on sand and facing at seashore
woman standing on sand and facing at seashore

Building the future i've always dreamt of

& sharing knowledge

We are taught to live life the "traditional" way:

  • Go to school & get good grades

  • Go to University & specialize your studies

  • Get a high paying job, buy a house and start a family

    But what if there was another way to get your dream salary and do what you love everyday with no limits?

Hi! I'm Melissa, but you can call me Mel!

I have always been addicted to saving since i was a young girl. I work 40 hours a week, pay my bills, mortgage and put food on the table. I am not afraid of hard work and earning my income - but i find it hard to speed up my goals while having a limitation of only 40 hours a week pay. I pay more tax the more i work.. When will i start living the way i want too?
Well! I have researched successful ways of earning income online & hope to guide other people looking to get more out of their life. As well as developing great budgeting hacks & tips to watch your account grow and not shrink.
I took a 15 day business challenge that is going to change, my, LIFE! It is so simple, even beginners can do it! It showed me how to create my own business that is mostly passive and allows me to earn while i sleep!

Why affiliate marketing?

After purchasing a pre 1950's Victorian home in the country that needs a major facelift, i knew there were about to be some rough seas ahead! I knew I needed to learn about automation systems that can run my business without me present! This is what totally pushed me to the extent of searching for more, educating myself to use this ever evolving power of the internet to help me transform and preserve the history of my home.